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I think the Batman one is my favorite.


Kody Christian’s Video Game/Superhero Typography Series

Many of you have seen this, but since the reboot of the site I thought it’d be good to repost it for you all to see again!  Feel free to reblog, like and follow.  You can purchase all of these prints - along with a few other pieces that I’ll be reposting - on the NerdWire | NerdWear store via society6 by clicking here.

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Back to the Future Nike Air Mags are real!


The future is here — four years early. Nike is about to unveil the Nike Air Mag, Marty McFly’s self-lacing shoes from 2015, as seen in Back To The Future II.

Nike has already patented a self-lacing system, and judging by a teaser video — posted by mad scientist Doc Brown himself — the futuristic trainers are about to become real. Nike is holding a press conference later today.”